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Asking the Google Street view guy his thoughts on privacy.



Price: $22+

A water bottle in the shape of a folio for easy transport in your backpack or case. It comes in Letter, A4 and A5 sizes with a capacity of 750 mL to 1.25 L. 




Meet Europe’s biggest billionaires.

If you identify exactly who you are and what you stand for, what you believe in, what you value, and if you then only ever behave, act and communicate in a way that is true to you, then you never have to worry about when anybody comes across you or what you’re found doing, because by definition you are never caught doing anything to be ashamed of.


Coffee stain? Menswear brand will deliver a fresh white shirt in under 90 mins

The idea of an emergency wardrobe service isn’t an especially new one — we recently wrote about the Closet S.O.S. campaign the Costa Rican branch of Forever 21, for example. However, these services are often aimed at women, but the fashion industry is increasingly moving towards the newly fashion-conscious male market and London-based tailor Thomas Pink’s 90-Minute Delivery service helps customers quickly replace a smart shirt in the case of an emergency. READ MORE…


Paisley Air Max. Yes please thank you.

There is work that is work and there is play that is play; there is play that is work and work that is play. And in only one of these lies happiness.